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foto impaginata intel ovenHow can the circulation of hot air be optimized, cycle after cycle, with moulds and shapes of different sizes?

The answer is INTEL OVEN, the first rotational moulding oven that optimizes the flow of hot air in the oven in relation to the working mould. The air flow is adjusted  angle in accordance with the shape and size of the rotating mould.

The patented flow direction unit changes the blades direction in order to direct the hot air flow in the desired area, therefore increasing the process efficiency.

When this system is used together with the arm position indicator, it allow the pre-heating in a specific area of the mould in a simple, automatic and secured way.

Can operate in two ways:

  • Continuous oscillations: the blades fluctuate in order to vary to the maximum the angle and the air flow to the mould;
  • Specific position: in accordance with the mould the blades angle position themselves to concentrate the flow to the desired direction;

All innovations are tested and proven on our in-house test machine and only after extensive and positive reliable tests the systems are available to the customers.

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