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All machines are controlled via a modular, flexible, well tested software system, (firmware), which
can, at any time be updated with new functions requested by customers, or as a result of our own
tests and continued innovations learned on our in-house, pilot-plant.

The electrical and electronic components are cutting-edge-technology, with a high level of reliability, performance and world-wide availability.

Software of management main function

  • Setting and visualisation, in the user’s language of all process parameters (temperatures, rotation speed, reversal of rotation direction, carriage position, etc.);
  • Possibility to view the oven temperature curves and the manual/automatic cycle;
  • Visualisation of alarms, with mandatory or proposed solutions, which requires the operator acknowledge before any action is taken;
  • Visualisation and setting of pre-arranged maintenance cycle;
  • Several password levels to protect data and process from non-authorised changes;
  • Audit-trail for traceability of data changed by operators (optional);
  • Direct control and management of arm inverters without opening electrical control panels;
  • Possibility to replace inverters without the requirement of direct programming;
  • Simple and clear visualisation of cooking and cooling times;
  • Management of the cooking recipes and codes for each arm;
  • Automatic calculation of theorical consumption of each arm;
  • Automatic creation and saving of production reports on SD memory card or remote server;
  • Possibility to mould up to 4 layers;
  • Possibility to set 3 different temperature levels for each cooking period;
  • Possibility to set 2 different speeds on the primary and secondary in the same cycle phase and of the clockwise/counter clockwise rotation time, with possible delayed intervention;
  • “Zero” search for setting the mould position at the loading/unloading station;
  • Provision for an eventual carriage addition;
  • Provision for an eventual addition of an “automatic temperature management system”, with INTEL-ARM (optional), or other systems;
  • Provision for an eventual addition of an “automatic hot air-flow” management system with INTEL-OVEN (optional);
  • Provision for an “automatic mould recognition” with INTEL-RECIPE (optional);
  • Display of current consumption;
  • Display of motors, micro switch and doors opening and closing status.
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