From the preparation of primary materials to the moulding equipment all the way to finishing accessories: ROTOMACHINERY GROUP’s commitment covers the complete needs of rotomoulders. Manufacturers purchasing a rotomoulding machine, moulds or accessories can rapidly start-up production and become the owners of a manufacturing technology that is reliable, versatile and technologically advanced as a result of 45 years of experience providing innovative solutions.  


A complete line of:

  • Rotational moulding machines: Independent arms, fixed arms, shuttle, rock & roll, lab machines, customs machines;
  • Accessories for machines: extra arms, platforms, temperature detection systems, automatic management of the moulding cycle;
  • Material management: mixers, dosing and feeding systems;
  • Complementary equipment: systems for deburring, milling and finishing moulded parts.

ROTOMACHINERY GROUP’s manufacturing and design philosophy has always been geared towards quality. All preparation and assembly operations on machines are performed inside each plant and the most delicate and complex components are pre-assembled and tested by qualified personnel. Each production unit is thoroughly tested in the customer’s presence before shipment. Re-assembly operations and the training of machine operators are very quick, cutting down on pre-production times while providing the user with the satisfaction of starting up production immediately.


ROTOMACHINERY GROUP: Provides reliable, versatile and easy to use rotational moulding equipment all over the world. Over 500 production units of ROTOMACHINERY GROUP have been installed and are perfectly operational in more than 50 countries on all 5 continents. Distance has never been an issue: service centres in Europe and North America provide on-line help and on-site servicing virtually anywhere. Stocks of spare parts are generally easily available and components used can be considered standard in terms of quality and availability at a global level. 


The ROTOMACHINERY GROUP was established from a merger of experiences between an Italian company, Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A., present in the rotational moulding industry since 1969 and STP Rotomachinery Inc., founded by Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A. in North America in 2005 around a group of people active in the design and development of rotational moulding machinery for 15 years. The sum of these experiences, along with continuous exchanges of information between these two production entities and constant attention to the needs and evolution of the market have led to the creation of a highly motivated multidisciplinary international team capable of creating products of the highest quality standards. ROTOMACHINERY GROUP today employs over 150 people at its two manufacturing units directly and through close suppliers, counting on engineers, specialized technicians, highly trained operators and expert industrial designers. The company’s mission is to design products that are technologically advanced, robust, reliable, provide increased productivity, energy savings, versatility, ease-of-use and requiring reduced operating spaces. Significant resources have been invested to acquire the best technologies available to efficiently design, develop and create the tooling and moulds and to improve every single aspect of a rotomoulding production unit.

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