3 Sided Shuttle

foto impaginata 3-s shuttleThe Rotomachinery Group, leaders in the field of rotational molding equipment, is extremely pleased to announce that it has launched the very first 3-sided shuttle rotomolding machine.

Due to the strong demand for machines with more flexibility, the company has designed a shuttle with 3 carts.

It is one of the largest machines of this type: a spherical diameter of 6500 mm. (256 inches).

Parts that require long cycles will benefit from this new offering. It will provide the same features as our regular shuttle line (SRM Series): straight or offset arm, Automatic Process Management for closed-loop process control based on mould temperature, arm indexation for total control of angles of each mould, robust design with arms supported at both ends to handle the heaviest loads, etc.

The 3-sided shuttle machine fulfills a strong demand of many rotomolders. For example, no need to interrupt regular production when changing moulds on an arm or running a test on a brand new mould. With 3 arms, one can easily be reserved for such operations.

Moreover, running a large part with very long cooling cycle compared to other moulds on the machine is no longer a nuisance.

The third arm can be used for such cases. But the most important benefit of the shuttle concept, especially with 3 arms, is the ability to perform different production sequences. Parts of different shape, size and wall thickness will never have to wait for an arm that requires more time for cooking or cooling or load/ unload.

The new exciting 3-sided shuttle machine will be offered in numerous sizes: spherical diameters from 2000 mm. (84”) all the way to 7500 mm. (295”). Another attractive feature is being able to order the 3-sided shuttle with 2 arms and add the 3rd arm at a later date if needed, or use one of the unique configurations (L-shaped) to fit it in a corner of your plant. Try it, you will be impressed!

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