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The Lab machine model LRM 1000-1C is a state-of-the-art rotational moulding, designed for the rotational moulder looking for a small machine to perform tests and product development. It is also used to validate cycle times before going into production. The LRM 1000-1C’s integrated and compact design minimizes the use of floor space and offers the most ergonomic cooling and mould servicing stations of the industry.

The standard machine has two stations: one oven and one cooling/load-unload station. The cooling station, enclosed under a retractable dome, has adjustable air movement with variable frequency drives for efficient cooling and an extraction fan to send the hot and humid air outside the building. This model is designed with an advanced heat chamber engineered to maximize efficiency of hot air distribution, which optimizes the heat transfer to the mould. We build the machine with components from reputable suppliers recognized and accessible throughout the world.

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