Foglio illustrativo_INGConsisting of: 

- Function of exhausting of combustion fumes, modulating according to the power developed by theburner; 

- U.F.D.: Air blowing insidethe moulding chamber (Venturi effect) to be activated upon request;

- Energy recycling function to heat the ambient. 




Ecomode is a working function of the oven, designed to reduce energy consumption.
The basic principle is that the burner stops when the oven is empty or the temperature falls below a set point (ex 200°).
The machine enters in ecomode by simply tapping the icon on the touchscreen.
In presence of:
- Full digitally controlled burner;
- Newly designed cooking fan;
- Real-time display of all the combustion  data in order to compare with the optimum and find the more efficient mix;
- Heating fan managed by inverter with reduced time of stop and restart;
- Automatic management of the cycle: cooking and cooling times are given by the real time temperature data provided by the thermocouples inside the mould;
- Well insulated oven panels to minimize heat loss.
This working modality gives its best.
At the end of the cooking cycle, the fan stops when the doors open. The newly designed cooking fan needs only 5 seconds. This reduces the hot air release, creates a big regenerative energy and the loss in temperature is only 20-30%.
Turning off the burner and restarting it does increase the time needed to restore the set temperature but with good insulation and our automatic machine management, the saving in energy consumption is superior to the disadvantages of increased cooking time:
- Important savings are achieved in case of unbalanced cycle time when the oven is empty for a long time;
- In ecomode, the first cycle in the morning could be run without pre-heating;
- On the last cycle the burner turns off automatically.

We have implemented an active management of the exhaust fan too.
The exhaust fan ejects the hot air with the combustion fumes and replenishes with clean air: This means a continuous loss of energy
In ecomode, for the whole time the burner is off, the exhaust fan works at minimum.
Customers who won’t accept the increased cooking time, for any reason, can turn off ecomode by simply tapping on the screen, thus keeping all the advantages of the regenerative unit.


 In our experience, we’ve seen that sometimes workers interfere with the machine’s management software. 

To avoid this situation, once the supervisor has entered the working mode (full automatic, partial automatic, manual, ecomode) and the production data (recipes, times and temperature) the settings are protected with a password-level system to prevent the operator from changing the parameters.
Problems related to lost passwords or passwords that are no longer secret? We have solved this problem with the fingerprint authentification where only the supervisor can change the main parameters of the machine.


We have tested and installed a new type of fan.
The issues with the old cooling fans were:
- High noise level: 80 dba;
- High energy consumption: 3kw..
The new fans offer great improvements:
- Noise level: 70 dba;
- Energy consumption: 1,5kw.;
- Increased efficiency from 28.000 mc/h to 40.000 mc/h..

Monitoring of the gas consumption.
Our machines are equipped with an integrated litre counter that displays the gas consumption of the screen every 10 seconds as well as the actual power of the burner.
This is useful to check the problems in case of failures or damages.
This data can be used for different working conditions such as oven full or empty, single working cycle, for every arm, per cubic meter or kg and for average times.
All this data will be available to the technician responsible for the production.

The live status of the machine can either be displayed on a PC, Tablet and mobile phone.